How can I charge ACER laptop battery?

ACER is one of the significant brands that have launched a number of peripherals in the market and laptop is one of them. You get a number of incredible features where you can access internet, listen to music and watch videos and much more; all such features become useless when you don’t you have your battery charged. Follow these steps that will help you in charging your laptop battery to its level best, in case, you need assistance then, our support team.


Steps to follow:

First, it is required to turn OFF your PC and you need to check that battery is safely in its bay. You can find its battery from the laptop cover and it is a kind of rectangular piece that is about half length of laptopand its bay is at the edge of laptop.


Next, you need to insert one end of itsAC adapter in to a port on the side of your ACER PC and then, you need to connect its other end from a power source. This way you can charge and use your laptop when the power is turned ON. However, it is suggested that you can charge a laptop’s battery when you have turned OFF your laptop this way cuts its charge time in half.


You need to check that indicator light on AC adaptor is of amber color. If it flashes in a number of colors, it means the battery is getting overheated. If you find such case, then, it’s better to take out the AC adapter from the power source and wait for few minutes until it gets cool before you try again to charge.


You can remove its AC adapter once it shows you a green color light, it refers that battery is fully charged. You can also monitor the status of the charging from an indicator light that is visible just above its keyboard on the right side of your laptop.

Follow these above-given steps that will help you in guiding how to charge your laptop battery. In case, you need assistance in this regard then, make a call to Acer customer service number +353-766803697. Experts are always available to help you, one can reach them any point of time.


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